Cement price hits Ghc60 per bag – Cement Manufacturers Ghana announce

Cement Manufacturers Ghana have announced that plans are far advanced to increase the price of cement from the current Ghc50 cedis to at least Ghc60 due to cost of production and are urging the public to cooperate with them.

This was announced by Cement Manufacturers Ghana Executive Secretary Rev. Dr. George Dawson Amoah who says negotiation are ongoing to effect the increment across board due to elements of taxes, freight cost and other production costs that is killing cement manufacturers.

“The figure [Ghc60] is correct, we are going to increase our price.  Thats why we are calling for a discussion ahead. As for increase we will increase. We are looking at Ghc60. But even if not that we will still increase by Ghc5 or 4 cedis.

But come what may we will increase the price” the Cement Manufacturers boss said.

He added that every product in Ghana undergoes price increment but wonders why anytime cement goes up it becomes a national discussion.

“Price increases happpen to every product but when it happens to cement it becomes a national isssue.

This time around we are going to increase the price”, he said in an interview with Alfred Ocansey.

While commending the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority for its effort to ameliorate the impact of freight on their input, Rev Dr. Amoah said the main reason why Ghc60 is the ideal price is because all the raw materials needed for cement production are imported and the cost of import is now very high.

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