Zongo boys storm Hawa Koomson’s house

Zongo boys stormed Honorable Hawa Koomson’s house yesterday after the honorable member of parliament had returned from a quick meeting.

Politics at the Awutu Senya East constituency is taking another turn after honorable Hawa Koomson won her seat once again. 

The bond between the member of parliament and her people kept growing more and more due to the current relationship they have established.

Hawa Koomson has bonded with them and has shown love and received support from the in return. After a few months into office, there have been a sudden change in the way most of the young men in the town go about their activities. 

There have been games and many other activities organized by the honorable member of parliament and her team. This has brought joy and job to football lovers in kasoa and in the zongo communities.

After a football match which had taken place at an Astro turf on the Akweley park had come to completion, they stormed Hawa Koomson’s house with songs of praise and accolades. Her name was chanted throughout and had many following up and making their ways into her house. 

It suddenly became serious crowd as people tried to do things that weren’t right.

Some of these men who were allegedly not part of the football players made things look messy and unacceptable and had to involve the security. Even though it wasn’t a chaotic intention but only a merry making intention to storm her house and thank her, there were people who needed to be taken from the premisses.

Hawa Koomson’s current job as a minister and a member of parliament seems to be going on well as she is seen in a constant energetic and hard working mood. It seems the people of Awutu Senya East constituency are not ready to give up on their current MP as well and might earn her the opportunity to stay in power for as long as she delivers on promise.

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