There Is Corruption DNA In Every Ghanaian -Akufo Addo’s Appointee Boldly Speaks

Ghana’s Ambassador to Burkina Faso Gambila Adagbila has bemoaned acts of corruption that stifles the implementation of social intervention programmes.

He believes corruption is in the DNA of the Ghanaian hence stealing resources meant for social interventions by people who are put in charge.

The Ghana Ambassador to Burkina Faso believes that Ghana would have seen massive development if people put in charge of such projects are not naturally born bad and want to amass wealth.

“You send money for school feeding, they are stealing. Even people in top authority (are stealing). We are just thieves, it is part of the DNA.

People are corrupt and they don’t know that when you steal the money, it causes death in the hospitals. And when children are dying, you will be blaming government. 

The resources come and we divert yet we are the same people blaming the government of the day. Yet we are the same people not paying our taxes religiously yet we want heaven to be made for us,” he said in an interview with the media.

The fight against corruption has been at the forefront of several campaigns in Ghana, however, it seems to have failed because several governments have lost in the fight against it.

The NPP government in 2016 made it one of the lead focus of the party but after taking over power, the party has been embroiled in several corruption scandals that have put it in a bad light.

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