Tenant Dies at kasoa After Land Lady and Her Children Assaulted her

A piece of sad information reaching the media says a lady identified as Beatrice Aku Kobblah and Her Children assaulted a tenant who died few days after the incident.

This sad happening occurred in Kasoa -Papasi Justab.

The late tenant whose name is Loise Yaba Bibon was attacked by her land lady and her children for forcing her to vacate their home which she has 7 more months to end her rent.

According the media, it all begun when the late tenant(Loise Yaba Bibon) and her children were asked to be paying monthly light bill (Ghc25 every month) which eventually shot up to Ghc 50, hence the late tenant and her children suspected something fishy, thereby demanded that the full bill is made known to them before they could make any financial commitment.

Moving forward, their demand angered the land lady as she refused to ask for monthly bills from the late tenant and her children again, until some months when she asked them to pay an amount of Ghc 1,900 as their light bill.

However, our portal also established that the late tenant and her children stopped paying their light bill during the period of free electricity intervention kind courtesy by covid-19, but only to be given bills to pay in June 2021.

After trying to inquire more about why she (late tenant) should pay such a huge amount of money(Ghc 1,900), the land  lady asked her to leave the house when they have seven more months to exhaust their rent.

Amid the sad news that was made known to the late tenant and her children by the land lady, while walking home one evening, got attacked by the children of the house owner (land lady) and she quickly run into her room and looked herself up, the source indicates.

But upon the arrival of her children, only went into the room to see their mother lying unconscious. She was rushed to hospital and later referred to another where she gave up her breathe while on treatment.

source also indicated that medical report said the late tenant died as a result of hitting from the assault meted on her by the land lady and her children.

Though her body is still in a morgue as family demands immediate justice from the institutions in charge, as justice delay is justice denied.

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