IGP secretly joins police night patrol

The Inspector General of the Ghana Police  appears to increasingly surprise Ghanaians with his thoughtful and innovative initiatives since his appointment as Inspector General of the Ghana Police (IGP) Service.

Among the numerous things, he has done since his appointment on July 21, 2021, COP. George Akuffo Dampare on Friday, August 27, 2021, paid unannounced visits to some police personnel on night duty.

At 2.00 am on Friday, COP Dampare, together with some members of the Police Management Board (POMAB) arrived at Mallam Junction and McCarthy Hill to monitor the operations of these police officers on night duty. 

He continued to Weija at 2:43 am and left Kaneshie at 3:20 am.

He shared some words of encouragement with the team and urged them to behave professionally to avoid bringing disrepute to the profession.

“We are behind you and in front of you. All you have to do is be professional and do the right thing and be very civil to the public,” he said.

“If we are providing a service, we become servants to the people we are providing service to and how can the servant be shouting at the master. We have a number of things to do but the one we need to start with is how we interact with the public, showing respect and courtesy, and using golden words.

“Words that bring calm and attract attention. If we start getting these fundamentals right, the public will start respecting us, they’ll have confidence in us, their trust in us will deepen and the legitimacy we derive from them will soar,” he added.

COP Dampare and the team also briefly visited the Accra Regional Police Command at 3:30 am and then moved to the Police Hospital at 3:55 am.

This followed previous visits made by the team to some police checkpoints on Thursday in the region. This was to assess the work of personnel as well as interact with some motorists.

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