Captain Smart Boldly Demands the receipt for the hotel sold to all Ghanaians

The controversial television journalist Broadcaster captain smart with a media station blew up a cover on the famous movenpick Ambassador hotel, one of the most lucrative and expensive 5 star hotels not only in Ghana but In west Africa as a whole.

In his mission of putting enormous pressure on the Akufo Addo government to fix the country, he today bring out yet this powerful secret as a fulfilment of his vow to reveal deep secrets that has been hidden by successive governments under the fourth Republic.

According to him the hotel was a state property built and run by the state until it was sold to a private entrepreneur outright without leaving a trace of the transaction. 

He stated till now no one knows who sold the hotel to that private individual and at which amount because all the receipts and documents related has been intentionally hidden in order to cover up their corrupt act in the deal.

In what he terms as secret number two, captain smart stated emphatically that he has some crucial information about the movenpick hotel deal, and he is waiting for those who sold the property to come out immediately with the documentation and receipts else he will blow their mind with what he is having at his disposal.

“We know you have sold that hotel so Dont make any deliberate attempt to hide the documents. We need our receipt immediately” he warned.

We have all been left in a state of dilemma since the name of the actual person who sold the hotel was not mentioned by captain smart. 

But looking at things who do you think sold the hotel? The NPP government or the NDC government?

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