Beautiful SHS leavers in GIHOC rejoice as womanizer Kofi Jumah allegedly ties ‘bed performance’ to promotion

Beautiful Senior High School leavers or holders of qualifications below Degrees and HNDs inside GIHOC are in a comfortable lead as they are the major benefciaries of a system where alleged “casting couch” determines who gets promoted or hired to the once glorious state company.

The woes of the Managing Director of GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited Maxwell Kofi Jumah appears to be far from over as new allegations are dropping regarding the appointment and promotion of persons based on alleged amorous ties to the powerful self-confessed womanizer.

Earlier, Kofi Jumah confirmed reports that he is a womaniser, saying he has no problem if he is being accused of womanising. What Kofi Jumah however failed to say or address is that he was not only accused of being a womanizer, he was accused of using his position to bonk ladies in exchange of jobs and promotions, a fact he has not responded to.

Kofi Jumah has been accused by a group of GIHOC workers calling themselves the “Concerned Members of GIHOC” of giving top positions of his company to his girlfriends.

In his response, Kofi Jumah “unconsciously admitted” to the allegations of casting couch against him saying he is womanizer already.

“I’m not corrupt and I will never be corrupt but my weak point is womanizing. I love women but you can never attach corruption and bribery to me because it is not in my nature. I will continue to stand for the truth even when I’m standing between death and life. No worker of GIHOC can say I took money from him or her before employing him or her to GIHOC” the media quoted him days ago.

Tongues continue to wag within GIHOC about how less than deserving persons are being promoted at the expense of more qualified persons with particular reference made to a beautiful SHS leaver (name withheld) who has been promoted to head and supervise the entire Northern sector network of GIHOC against more experienced and qualified staff members.

Earlier reports had fingered son of Maxwell Kofi Jumah, one Kwabena Jumah of engaging in business deals that cheats GIHOC in favour of Kasapreko and also that Kwabena Jumah drives a GIHOC car fueled and maintained by GIHOC while he is not a staff of the company.

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