The New Transport Fares After Fuel Prices Increased

Today, there was a 2% increase in fuel prices. And this is a fresh increment. 

Totally different from what the government reduced for Ghanaians recently. 

For whatever reason(s), fuel prices keep increasing and Ghanaians turn to suffer for that.

Just when the news touched the ground, new fare prices also surfaced on the internet. 

According to the drivers, they have suffered enough. They always sacrifice even when fuel price increase. 

They are tired. They also need to enjoy their work.

Thus, they gave new prices for transport fares. These are the new prices for those in Accra. 

I know this news wouldn’t come as good for many Ghanaians. 

As we all know, when fuel prices go up, it eventually affects all commodities. 

Bear in mind that if commodities too are high, service workers will also have to increase wages to meet the commodity prices. this is the current state of affairs.

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