The Law Must Not Spare ‘Criminal’ Agradaa – NPP Chairman

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairman for New Juaben North Constituency in the Eastern Region, Kwadwo Boateng-Agyemang, says the laws of the land should deal with Popular fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa, whether she is a changed person or not.

He opined that Agradaa has been accused of duping people, making her a criminal and should therefore be made to face the rigors of the law.

“Once the evidence is there, she must be dealt with whether the people are dead or not,” he said.

Nana Agradaa was arrested for operating two TV stations without a license.

The two TV stations, Thunder TV and Ice1 TV owned by Nana Agradaa aside others were shut down.

But she pleaded not guilty to the charges levelled against her and was granted bail with the condition that she deposits her passport at the court’s registry.

However, she was re-apprehended briefly after she was granted a ¢5,000 self-recognizance bail by an Accra Circuit Court on Thursday, April 22.

At a press conference she organised after her release from police custody, Agradaa who expressed her excitement for being free, said she will no longer engage herself in fetishism and asked for forgiveness from all those she has offended.

But speaking with the media, Chairman Boateng-Agyemang said Agradaa was not different from an armed robber and therefore must be treated as such.

Chairman Boateng also said Agradaa should be arrested again for making a u-turn in religion right after her arrest, adding it was intentional and not genuine especially at the time she claimed she has changed.

“Because you were handcuffed, you now have the audacity to say you have repented, repenting to where? was where you were before not a religion?

when she was doing ‘sika gari’, wasn’t it a religion she was practicing?” he fumed.

He added that,”I don’t want to attack anybody’s religion, but my point is that if you are moving from one religion to the other, where is the law that sets you free, which law says that a priestess that contracted thugs to beat people in that religion is moving to Christianity and that she will not do that again so the laws should set her free?

As human beings, who is enforcing the laws?”

Chairman Boateng continued that,”When you are found guilty of a law, it has to deal with you.

There is no difference between this lady and an armed robber.

Use the woman as a test case. I don’t think they have to allow her with this flimsy press conference.”

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