“Appoint A More Competent and Innovative Chief Executive For Kumasi And Not Just A Party Member” - Executive Secretary of Save Ghana Foundation (Edward Adu-Bobi) to President

Kumasi, over the period has lost its glory in terms innovative leadership. Gone are the days, Kumasi was referred to as the garden city. of West Africa. Things were orderly and responsibly done despite its challenges then. Even though one will say times have changed, it is a fact that leadership then was more dedicated and committed to sustaining the development of Kumasi.

Appointing a Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Chief Executive Officer should not necessarily be premised on who the assembly members’ wants to work with. But one who is competent enough to deliver with the assembly members.

In recent times, the leadership of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly has not lived up to expectation. There is lack of a stronger political will, innovation and worst of it all, no guiding principles to develop the city. It is in this vain, successive Chief Executives have failed during the tenure which have largely contributed to poor development in the metropolis.

Abandoned projects and unsustainable policies have become the order of the day. Krofrom market is a clear example of an abandoned project since its start in 2008 amidst several others. Both Kojo Bonsu during the erstwhile Mahama government and current chief executive officer of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Osei-Asibey rolled out a tree-planting project. But the million dollar question is, has the tree-planting project been successful? 

I admonish whoever is appointed to head the political administration of Kumasi Metropolitan to revise and make use of the ten-year development plan set out by the overload of the Asante Kingdom, Otumfour Osei-Tutu II. The plan also includes an initiative to industrialise the local economy to scale up employment and create wealth in the city. It is also imperative that the next chief executive officer collaborates with the traditional authorities to experience a smooth and successful reign. 

I, therefore, implore the President of the Republic of Ghana, President Akufo-Addo to as a matter necessity appoint a more competent, committed and innovative chief executive officer to help restore Kumasi back to it rightful place.

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