NDC Only Being Mischievous – JOY

The Vice Presidential Candidate to the Independent Candidate in last year’s elections, Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY) has said that the Chair of the Electoral Commission (EC) Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensa is competent and a detailed person.

JOY said on the Key Points to a media house Saturday April 24 that he has been part of the Inter-Party Advisory Committee for years and has had a close working relationship with Mrs Jean Mensah, hence can vouch for her competence.

He told sit-in-host Roland Walker that the claims of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) against the Chair of the EC smacks of mischief.

The NDC boycotted the IPAC meeting last week.

The IPAC is a forum for the various political parties in Ghana and the EC to dialogue on pertinent issues affecting the parties and the EC, and how to reach a consensus on how to remedy such shortcomings for a democratic, free and fair elections.

But the main opposition NDC boycotted the forum explaining in a statement that “The NDC has thoroughly examined the dubious role the Jean Mensah-led Electoral Commission played in the rigging of the 2020 general Elections.”

The statement added “Moving forward, the party shall review its working relationship with the electoral management body and take appropriate steps to forestall the rigging of any future Elections in the country.”

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