Multiple Flagbearer Aspirants Will Break NPP – Joe Wise warns

First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Joseph Osei Owusu also known as Joe Wise has called on some members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) rooting for different candidates for the 2024 flagbearership to put a stop to it as it can bring divisions into the party.

“If we are able to speak and convince all those seeking for the flagbearership position in the party, and also to make them know that it would be helpful for us (NPP) to have one candidate, then we can avoid bringing two candidates or more which at the end will bring division in our party”.

Mr. Joseph Osei Owusu told Kwame Adinkra in an interview with the media in Kumasi.

Mr Joseph Osei Owusu who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bekwai Constituency noted that, “it doesn’t matter who is where; I believe that whoever I think can lead the party in diverse ways, I have to help in any way to make sure such is person is made our leader”.

According to him, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has a laid down procedure, hence leadership is going to make sure those procedures are followed to bring about fairness while the party seek new flagbearer.

Confusion has always characterized the New Patriotic Party (NPP) over the last decade, each time the issue of selecting a flagbearer comes to play.

So far, some individuals in the party have started campaigning for Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanteng who contested Akuf- Addo in 2008 and the current Vice President Dr. Bawumia in the yet to come 2024 general.

Incidents within happening in the party suggest that, factions have been created among some members of the party after the 2020 general elections on who to succeed President Akufo Addo.

But commenting on the issue in his interview, Mr. Jesseph Owusu further revealed that, the leadership of the NPP is making a deliberate attempt to ensure the party gets a conscientious candidate.

“Some elders believe that we have to work hard to see if we can have a conscientious candidate”, he said.

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