Kufuor And Addo Kufour Slam NPP woman For Peddling Falsehood About Them

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor has called in to a live radio program to respond to some disparaging remarks made against him and his brother, Addo Kufuor, by one Esther Nana Agyemang who identifies as an activist of the New Patriotic Party on a very rare occasion .

Esther Agyemang with the media made some wild allegations regarding Kufuor’s appointment of Addo Kufuor as Defence Minister.

The woman who claims to have insider information about the NPP suggested in her utterances that the two brothers were at some point not on good terms.

The former president called into the show to express his disapproval of the claims made by the woman.

He rubbished claims that he, at some point, had issues with his younger brother, Addo Kufuor.

John Agyekum Kufuor said that he dedicated himself to serving the country and must be accorded the respect and gratitude he deserves.

“These lies should not be allowed on air. Where was [she] when I was appointing my brother as Minister of Defence? My government served Ghanaians well and my brother was key in that so why would someone sit on the radio to say such lies about us.

I would like to know where she said that. She is spreading falsehood about me and my family. There is no truth in that.

“I made my brother the Minister of Defence because he was competent. He was already a public servant. I wasn’t the one who brought him into the public space.

He was an MP before I became president and had a mind of his own,” he said.

Addo Kufuor who also called into the show slammed the lady and charged her to do proper research before coming on the radio to spew falsehood about him and his family.

He rubbished claims by the lady that he was against Kufuor’s decision to contest the presidency in 2000.

“Who wouldn’t support his brother when he [is] vying for [the] presidency. If I don’t support my brother, who would I support? I supported my brother.

Next time when going on the radio, do your research well,” he said

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