Father of the 10 year old boy murdered in Kasoa recalls secret

The death of the innocent 10 year old boy in Kasoa has made a strange revelation prior to the death of his son and it is appalling.

 The world is turning into something else because I can’t fathom why teenagers should be craving for money which can lead them to do evil. 

Two teenagers were found culpable for murdering 11 year old by for rituals.

According to sources, these two boys lured the little boy into an uncompleted building and struck his head with blocks. 

This led to the boy died instantly with blood oozing from the nostrils and ears. 

Their evil plan couldn’t succeed and that let them to their arrest and have since been in the custody of the police. 

They are to be arraigned before the court of law on the 6th of April, 2021 for legal proceedings.

The father who was not in town but came the day prior to his son’s death made some revelation to the media. 

According to the father, one of the murders who happens to be the oldest came to their house the day before Ishmael’s death. 

When he came he told him very soon his money will come and for that matter will ride in a range rover in a short possible time.

 Father of the deceased said he didn’t know that was a plot against his son.

How on earth should a teenager dream of riding in range rover without even working. 

The negative influences on the youth these days is something we can’t write home about.

 They decision to have quick money has preoccupied their minds and has been leading them to do the unusual.

 May the souls of this innocent boy rest in peace.

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