You Can Be Affected by Coronavirus Even if Vaccinated”- Dr. Mwangangi

The Kenyan Ministry of Health has come out to clarify that COVID-19 vaccination does not prevent one from contracting the coronavirus.

In a press briefing on Friday, Health Ministry CAS Dr. Mercy Mwangangi said the vaccine only serves to boost the immune system and get it ready to fight the virus.

She added that even individuals who get the virus can still transmit COVID-19 to others.

“Getting the vaccine does not mean that you cannot get COVID-19. Getting the jab does not mean that you cannot transmit the COVID-19.

What the jab does is that it makes your immunity system alert. It prepares you for war, should you come across the virus your immune system will be ready to fight and manage that virus,” said Mwangangi.

She, however, noted that vaccination will help reduce the number of severe cases being witnessed, most of which result in deaths.

“What we know is that this jab will prevent progression to severe cases for COVID-19 meaning the cases we report for severe cases are bound to reduce if we have the right number of people vaccinated and that is the usefulness of this vaccine,” said the Health CAS.

Dr. Mwangangi urged Kenyans to continue wearing masks and observing the stipulated safety protocols even after getting vaccinated.

“Remember getting this vaccine still requires you to wear your mask and social distance because you can still get the disease however mild and you can still transmit the disease,” she said.

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