What Happens After Taking The Covid19 Vaccine?

The Ghanaian government has made it possible for us to have access to the vaccines to enable us to put this pandemic behind us, and have our normal life back on track.

These are just some normal signs that you might experience which proves that your body is building protection

Once the vaccine gets into your body, your body starts reacting to it to build up the immunity and the initial reaction is what some of us call side effects, others may not experience anything at all.

Here are some of the few things might experience after taking the vaccine and how best can handle them without any fear.

Some of the symptomps are chills, Fever, Running, a temperature tiredness and, Headaches
These symptoms might make you feel like you are recovering from malaria or body pains.

They are just normal in some few days they will be gone so dont panic.

When you experience any other get symptoms apart from this kindly visit the nearest medical center or hospital for further assistance/treatment.

Women who are pregnant are not advised to partake in this exercise for now, they will be taken care of at the later part.

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