Good News For Public Workers as the President Puts to Rest All Matters Concerning Salary Increments

Issues pertaining salary increments has become very topical in recent times owing to the increasing hardships across the country.

The usual yearly increment of salaries for government workers was not given which set the tone for a whole lot of debates this year.

Doubt were then allayed when it came to light that, salaries were not increased because budget for the year had not been read.

Unfortunately,when the budget was finally read by the minister of parliamentary affairs Mr Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, nothing pertaining to salary increments was head meanwhile, the government introduced various taxes.

The introduction of these taxes were the government quest to generate enough revenue to embark on their massive developmental agenda.

These further worsen the debate many government workers were already engaged in. 

Since there has been increment in taxes, there should have been a corresponding increase in salaries in order to compensate the increment that are been anticipated as a result of the new taxes that have been introduced

Many stakeholders have added their voice to the need for increment in salaries and from very reliable sources, it was made clear that ,the nation is broke and as such public sector workers should not expect any high increments in their salaries for the next three years.

The news of government workers shouldn’t expect any increment of salaries for three years was received with shocked as the president of the Ghana national association of graduate teachers boldly stated that,organised labor will only adhere to government quest to freeze salary increment for three if they are ready to slash their salaries by half.

But government workers today heard good news as the president has allayed all fear and brouhaha concerning salary issues .

According to the president, the government has not frozen increment on salaries for public sector workers.

The president said this when he met organised labour at Ejisu in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

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