GES to end WASSCE and BECE?

Per information reaching us, GES has convened presupposes that BECE and WASSCE will be a thing of the past very soon.

According to the report seen and culled from the media, the Ghana Education Service has come out with a new reforms to create an amendments in the educational sector in this country.

Before the new reforms meeting organized recently by the Ghana Education service.

The National Council of Curriculum Association(NACCA) first organized new curriculum orientation for teachers to make an amendments in the curriculum they used to teach, on the ticket of that new curriculum programme that created a room for the Ghana Education service to organized a reform meeting to design a new policy to safeguard the educational sector in this country.

According to the new educational reforms designed by the Ghana Education Service clearly redefines that, not all level of education will be writing examination before moving to the next level.

In accordance with the new reforms Basic(2,4,6 and 7) will be writing examination at the end of their semesters.

This is because those in Basic two, they are going to write examination just to prepare them to move to their final level of the Lower basic level likewise basic four, they will also write examination to prepare them for their readiness to the next level of upper primary.

Basic six will write examination to prepare them to go to the Junior High School and the Junior High School form two students will write Examination to prepare them to go to Form three.

Here the form three students of the Junior High Schools will be writing general placement examination in order to be placed into their senior High School of their choices.

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