33-year Old Man In Trouble For Going After A ‘Married Woman’ at Mamponteng

A 33 year old Isaac Sambie has gotten himself into a serious trouble this afternoon, after he was caught at a married man’s home.

Isaac Sambie is the son of Mr. Sambie, an elder, who has been pleading for mercy for his son to be freed, but nothing has been done to free Isaac as of now at Mamponteng.

Mampomteng is one of the smallest towns, within the Kwabre District of the region.

It is almost a forty minutes drive away from Kumasi, if there are no traffic, and about One and half journey, if traffic is in place.

The town is made up of Ewes, akans, dagombas, and Sisalas who deals in petty farming trades.

They are traders who doubles as farmers, that is, their farm produce are sold by themselves on the roadside.

A farmer into hunting, doesn’t need to go to any market, because the Mamponteng Market for traders and farmers is on the roadside where retailers and wholesalers comes to buy them.

And that has been the work in the town, every since. Efo popularly known in the town, is a man who migrated to Mamponteng to search for a better life. Efo due to his hard working, was met by a petty trader, who gave him an assurance of working with him and splitting the money into 70% for the man and 30% for Efo. And that has been their style of business since 2005. Efo is willing to inherit the business, when the man dies, because he has continuously attacked the man to bless him with the business, when he is no longer interested in it or wants to retire.

The man who is in his 70’s is strong as a rock and is in consultations with Efo to give him the business, when he retires from active working.

Efo in 2018, had lots of money on him, and still didn’t go home to where he came from, but decided to set an akan family in Mamponteng and call it his own family. He met Sandra, an akan woman who was a lover of money. Sandra that everyone in Mamponteng knew, was a woman who was only interested in money, and Efo spoiled her with all the money he made from the business, until she said yes to marry Efo. Efo and Sandra has been married since 2 April 2018, and uncomfortable fights has been recorded between the two. They can sometimes fight and Efo will give her all his money, but the woman will take the money, shut up and use just one line before shutting up.

Efo knows how to shut Sandra up, and he does that with money, without showing his man spirit, and Sandra will shut up and end the fight whenever Efo spoils her with the money. This has made Efo hearing rumours of Sandra misbehaving outside, because he spends more time on the work and only comes home in the evening and leave early in the morning. Efo has warned others interested in Sandra, to stay away from her, though he hasn’t been successful warning his wife without shutting her up with money. Efo may be having a problem with his man, and that has kept him having a small one, whiles Sandra likes a big one. Efo did nothing with Sandra during their friendship, and that made him successful luring her with his money.

Efo went to the farm this early morning, and was called to come back home in the afternoon, after Agya Nimo, the owner of the farm told him about a problem he had in his house. Efo came from the farm, and went straight to Agyas house and solved the problem for him, and decided to pass by his house, if Sandra had cooked something for the children. He had taste of going to eat, and going back to the farm, but was met with an unusual sound, when he got to his windows. He went in unannounced, and Sandra and her Sambie was on his bed, doing their usual things. Efo did not talk when he found them, and came outside his room to sit on the veranda. He instructed his youngest son to by him Akla from one of the Ewe food sellers, which he sat in front of the house and ate, before going back to the farm. Efo has since the time he caught them around eleven in the morning, been quite and didn’t say a word, whiles he went back to his farm to work.

He was in the farm around two in the afternoon, when calls came to his phone to come home, but he ignored and has since not returned to the house. Sambie had been doing it constantly, when Efo wasn’t around because he goes early in the morning, and arrives late in the evening. He was on his usual self when Efo surprised them this morning, and said nothing. Both has since the time Efo caught them, been stacked and nothing has been able to separate them from each other. Efo when the father of Isaac Sambie, Mr. Sambie called him demanded nothing but a lesson to teach the young man that, never go near the wife of a married man, even if they have problems.

Efo has since denied of having trouble of been a man which might have lead his wife seeking happiness outside, and used his work as an excuse of not getting attention for his beautiful wife. Everyone needs to eat, and that is why I am always in my farm working to provide for my family, and if you believe I have done well to keep a wife beautiful, and you will go and enjoy that whiles am struggling in my work, so be it said Efo before hanging up with Mr. Sambie. The Ewe council at Mamponteng who Mr. Sambie cried to, to intervene and force Efo to release his son Isaac Sambie, has demanded a total of One Hundred Ghana cedis in monetary value, three hens, three cockerels, seven guinea fowls, One rabbit, two sheep, three local gin drinks and one full fat envelope as compensation for Efo, if they can get in the situation and help.

The Ewe council in their defense, made it clear that, that is what is used to please a man before his spirit can calm down and if the Sambies wants their son released, they should do so or go to the police or hospital. Mr. Sambie has been counseled not to make it a police case, because Efo hasn’t done anything to him and his son, and the case was a spiritual one that needs understanding. Efo has since not shown up to the house, after he left for the farm in the afternoon, after catching them both. Isaac Sambie has been ridiculed and laughed at by the whole community members, that he will learn something from this. Mr. Sambie the father, is now looking for the require things, when I last spoke to him so his son can be freed.

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