Ayariga and Wife Visits James Town

The presidential candidate for All People Congress, Dr Hassan Ayariga and his wife visited James Town, to assure them peace, in addressing the fight that happened few days ago in James Town among NPP and NDC.
In an issue stated by Hassan Ayariga, he promised the people of James Town proper businesses, engine of growth and control, National development and that he will work with them to develop their community.
"Don't fight for any political party, we are not worth your fight, don't waste your life on them" he said.
The wife of Hassan Ayariga, Anita Commey said, she is also from James Town, she wish for peace, and if her husband is voted in power, she will change everything for them to be happy.
"I came in peace, few days ago there was an issue here, look at the community and the people you are voting for, where you live and where they live, their children and your children are they the same?
Can this people restore your homes?
Vote for number 7 on the ballot paper and I will change your lives in to a better one" he stated.

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