I Will Give You Loan Facilities for Business - Hassan Ayariga

Presidential Candidate, a flag bearer of All People Congress, Hassan Ayariga today Thursday, 29th October, 2020, at Dome Market says when he is being vote in power as the president, he will give every market woman a subsidy loan of GHC 5000 to start business. Some will get GHC 10,000 and GHC 100,000 depending on the business.
He added that, he will change the market into a new market.
According to Hassan Ayariga, the government needs help the country but it's not like that when it's comes to NDC and NPP government and it has made everyone tired of voting so people should vote for change.
He stated " I know everyone is tired of voting and tired of politicians and even market women don't have money for business yet still they pay taxes but when you vote for me I will make everything easy for you"
He urges the market women to vote for him for change.

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