Nigeria president, Muhammadu Buhari, has appealed for peace among Nigerians. Consequently, he has set up a judicial panel to investigate police abuses in the commercial hub of Lagos and it begins sitting today.
The investigative panel was one of the demands of the protesters who want police officers involved in the abuse if the citizenry are to be held accountable. In addition , they want victims of police brutality to be compensated by the government.
President Buhari in a tweet said the inquiry had his full support.
He also indicated that he had avoided going into a debate about the shooting in Lekki toll gate, a wealthy suburb in Lagos, until all the facts are established.
He further added that 69 people were killed during the violent protest, including 51 civilians.
Lagos State was the first of the country's 36 state to set up a panel and has asked people to submit complaints.
Investigation will start after nearly two weeks of protests across Nigeria by youths demanding police reforms and alteration in how the country runs.

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