Your crusade against fake prophets will affect church attendance – Great Ampong to Kennedy Agyapong

Gospel musician, Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong aka Great Ampong has predicted that church attendance in Ghana will never be the same due to the current crusade been pursued by Kennedy Agyapong to expose the theatrics of some fake prophets.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has over the last few weeks taken upon himself to reveal the diabolic dealings of some ‘men of God’ who portray themselves as having solutions to every problem.

‘Akokofunu’ hit maker in an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast-based GBC Radio Central monitored by, said the continuous exposure of fake prophets will discourage some people from going to church.

“Some people are tired and some people have become rusty in terms of church due to the Coronavirus and Kennedy Agyapong’s revelations.

“The strength in worshipping God that was shown by many Christians in the past may not happen again. Because a lot of people have realized that most of the miracles being performed by some pastors are theatrics and acting.

“They plan with some people behind the scenes and a lot of people are witnesses to current happenings. Every Monday and Wednesday it is shown clearly on NET2 TV. So the more they continue to watch as it said that when the fool becomes wise you can no cheat them again.

” It will get to a point that some people will think twice before going to church. If you are a Roman Catholic and you left your church to attend a charismatic church that is fond of doing miracles, you’ll have to go back to your previous church.

“I believe that church attendance will never be the same as in the past. God himself has done His crusade, he concluded.

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