Weed may have been planted on Pastor by the NPP– Sekou Nkrumah suggests

Dr Sekou Nkrumah, son of Ghana’s first President Dr Kwame Nkrumah has punched holes into the revelation that some marijuana was found on a pastor who was arrested for threatening the life of Chairperson of the Electoral Commissioner (EC) in a viral video.
Dr Nkrumah wondered how just wee was found on the pastor without other things that almost always come with possessing wee. 
“The story of the Ghanaian pastor arrested with weed seems suspicious to me!
Did he have just the weed in his pocket, or he also had rolling paper, cigarettes, lighter or matches? I mean a weed smoker is likely to have those other things in his pockets as well! Just thinking out loud!” He argued in a post on social media sighted by thecrediblenews.com
Pastor Adjei was yesterday arrested for threatening the life of Jean Mensa, the EC Chairperson while threatening mayhem should the EC  go ahead with plans to compile a new register. 
Later it was revealed that some quantity of marijuana was in his possession. 
But many, especially on social media, have doubted the genuineness of the revelation, arguing that the marijuana may have been planted on him.
Sekou Nkrumah’s comments support assertions by smokers, who argue that the circumstances surrounding his arrest mean that he could not have possibly been in possession of only wee.

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