Jean Mensa is a robot who will pause when her battery gets low – Abraham Koomson

The General Secretary of the Ghana Federation of Labour, Abraham Koomson has strongly kicked against the decision of the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) to rely on either the Ghana Card or passport as proof of citizenship, stressing that the Chairperson of the EC Jean Mensa is being remotely controlled to engage in the compilation of the new register despite widespread opposition to the move.

Speaking on TV 3’s Hot Issues programme monitored by, Mr Koomson was emphatic that the use of either the Ghana card or passport is not a well-thought-through decision, which could lead to many eligible voters being disenfranchised due to the low numbers of holders of those documents.

“The commission [EC] did not consult anybody. They are creating problems and they should be very careful. You want me to go to village and bring my father or grandmother or who, my mother, my uncle or the chief of the town? You want me to go and bring these people to come and vouch for me? It doesn’t make sense. That one is the most useless process that they want to use…This is total madness. Less than six months to go into an election and you start doing this thing. Does it make sense?” he lashed out.

For him the EC’s insistence to go through with compiling the new register even in this perilous times of COVID-19 points to the EC boss, Jean Mensa being manipulated to go ahead despite the obvious challenges and opposition to the exercise.

“For her, she is behaving like a robot. She is being remotely controlled by [the powers that be] if the battery runs down, she will pause,” he claimed.

Meanwhile the EC is piloting the new voter registration exercise across the country as it gets set to execute the exercise much later this month.

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