EC has no right to remove existing names from voters’ register-Bright Simons fires

Honorary Vice President of IMANI Africa Bright Simons has reiterated that the Electoral Commission (EC) has no right to remove already registered names from the voters’ register.

 “Now when you say that we don’t recognize a particular form of identification as valid, but just a few months ago you will not only have registered people and issue them a bunch of it [ID card]. But people that have lost it had by virtue that they previously had it were allowed to get a new one to allow them to vote.

 “It appears as if the EC is not paying attention to the fact that once I accrue the right by having my name in the register, you cannot arbitrarily remove that name”, Bright Simons explained on Joy Fm’s news analysis Programme Newsfile monitored by

 “Remember that when the EC started this campaign, it said the reason they needed to re-do everything or wanted everybody to register again is because the equipment they are using is faulty and the reason why the equipment is faulty is obsolete and is obsolete because since 2011 they haven’t improved it”, he expressed worry.

 He pointed out that the EC has not made any tangible argument/s that the register as it exits is bloated and therefore cannot be used for the December 7 elections.

  “We have conclusively proven using all the valid documentations that is necessary through evidence that the claim is incorrect. In fact, the EC has not made the argument that the register as it exists is bloated- that’s the position of one particular party, they have given no reasons at all.”

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