How To Reverse MTN Mobile Money Transfer

Mobile Money is a fast, simple, convenient, secure and affordable way of transferring money, making payments and doing other transactions using a mobile phone.

MTN Mobile Money Transfer is simply the easy way of making transactions via the mobile.

It is an electronic service used to receive and send money via the mobile phone.

Mobile Money Transfer has become one of the easiest ways to transact money via mobile but with so many transactions happening it is possible that there may be wrong transactions which may need to be reversed or might need reversals.

Many have wondered how they can reverse cash and airtime in case they make wrong transactions.

It is important to know how you can reverse a transaction in case it goes wrong.

However, the mobile money service is provided by mobile phone companies through partnerships with banks and other financial institutions.

Accounts from the bank are linked up with MTN mobile money in order to access subscriber’s money.

MTN mobile money has agents that help in facilitating this service. These agents are authorized to reach subscribers and users throughout the network’s reach.

This is however governed by rules and regulations.

When users and subscribers send money to the wrong person by accident, or by inputting the wrong recipient number, they are advised to use MTN mobile money reversal services.

In the rules and regulations of MTN mobile money, wrong transactions of money should be reported within 30 days.

This provides an opportunity for the investigations and establishment of claims of wrong transactions to be carried out.

This is the only way to ensure successful refunds are made. It is important to understand that MTN does not take responsibility for disputes arising from agreements of payments to the payee.

This means that established claims that are approved for reversal have to be taken care of within 15 days of claim.

The following is a summary of how to reverse MTN mobile money transaction process.

1. Visit the nearest MTN mobile money agent to reverse MTN mobile money.

2. Report the matter of wrong transaction to a wrong person within 30 days of the incident.

3. Give the correct figure of the amount wrongly transacted and the number sent to.

4. Give time for the claim to be investigated and established.

5. Approval of claim will result in your mobile money reversal being processed.

6. Mobile money reversal takes place within 15 days from the day reported.

7.Confirm a successful mobile money reversal once done.

MTN mobile money agents

The agents play an instrumental role in the MTN mobile money transaction process. They are able to access a float of money that helps subscribers to withdraw and deposit.

They can assist customers to transact even without the need for a handset. They are authorized to give valid MTN mobile money SIM cards for new subscribers.

MTN mobile money reversals can be facilitated through these mobile money agents. To be an agent one needs to have a business registration certificate as the legally acceptable authorization. They also must possess a valid national photo identity card (ID), or a passport.

A driver’s license can also be used for identification. They also have to obtain the agent’s recruitment form, agent’s account handler form, and agent/ merchant code of ethics.

With these documentations, customers are able to verify the legit MTN agents from fraudsters.

Mobile money wallet/account

Saving cash is an important requirement for many people. Mobile money saving makes it easy for you to access liquid cash whenever you want.

Furthermore, using MTN mobile money wallet for your savings is affordable and secure. You will enjoy the fact that you do not have to endure long bank queues with this option.

It is very easy to open an MTN mobile money account or to have a personal mobile money wallet. This means that the subscribers need to have a handset and a valid SIM card. Consider the following procedure for MTN mobile money account acquisition.

1.Have a valid photocopy of an identity card (ID), passport or driver’s license and then visit the nearest MTN mobile money authorized agent.

2.The MTN mobile money agent is to issue you with a valid operating mobile money SIM card after verifying your personal details.

3. Using your own phone or handset, insert the mobile money SIM card. You will receive a prompt SMS asking you to register.

4. Select ‘My MTN’ on your handset and then go to ‘mobile money’.

5. Enter ‘Register’ then enter your Identity card (ID) number again.

6. You will receive a prompt asking you to input your mobile money PIN with four digits. Input the four digits PIN in the first inbox and in the second inbox.

7. Upon completion of registration, you will receive a welcome message on your phone. All subscribers are advised to keep their mobile money pin confidential.

Sending money via mobile money

The possibility of sending money via mobile is convenient for most people.

MTN mobile money is one of the platforms you can look up to for this. The fact that this option is not time dependent seems to go down well with most users.

Despite challenges in the mobile money industry due to competition, the convenience in the service overrides all other fears.

Learn how to send money via MTN money the right way to avoid making avoidable errors.

To send money to MTN mobile money, you have to follow this procedure;

1. Dial this code, *170# and reply with 1.

2. Go to SIM menu.

3. Go to mobile money.

4. Go to transfer money to.

5. Go to mobile user.

6. Put in the recipients number.

7. Put in the right amount of money.

8. Then enter your mobile money pin.

Paying bills via mobile money

Electricity bills, house rent bills, water bills, school fees bills and online purchases all can make use of the MTN mobile money option.

This paperless option is automated in the sense that all transactions are recorded and can be accessed with ease without having to worry about paperwork.

In case information is lost, the MTN mobile money services database can retrieve all the info of mobile money transactions. This assurance of safety is comforting just in case a need arises.

Using the mobile money SIM card, one can pay bills by following this procedure;-

1. Select mobile money in your SIM menu.

2. Select pay bill

3. Enter into the prompt inbox, the correct account number of the bills to be paid for.

4.Enter the correct money to be paid

5. Enter your mobile money pin.

6. Alternatively, you can use the speed dial * 170# to get to this utility of bill payment and reply appropriately to the consecutive prompts.

Airtime with mobile money top ups and reversals

Apart form cash reversals it is also possible to reverse airtime. Subscribers can purchase airtime using the MTN mobile money.

In the same way, they can reverse MTN airtime transfer. This is through the mobile money account that one uses to acquire airtime.

To do this go to the mobile money menu and select ‘Top up airtime’. Enter the amount of credit you need to purchase. Enter your mobile money PIN.

Airtime top up prompt is the confirmation sms for successful top-up. In spite of quality and successful airtime top ups, it is possible to purchase airtime wrongly.

When this happens subscribers have the right to reverse it by using the MTN airtime transfer service.

Instances of wrongful top ups can happen in two scenarios. The first is where you put in the wrong amount and the second is where you put in the wrong number. Either way, there is a solution.

To complete airtime reversals successfully especially after sending airtime to the wrong person, follow this procedure;-

1. Dial the speed code *170#

2.Reply with 7 to access mobile money wallet

3.Select option 5 for airtime reversal

4.Put the amount of transaction to be reversed

5.Then enter 1 for executing process reversal

6. You will receive confirmation SMS for successful reversal

In case the reversal does not succeed, visit the nearest MTN mobile money agent, to review the claim. You will get assistance with the airtime reversal.

This procedure for airtime reversal has rules and regulations that have to be adhered to.

First, reversal must be from purchase of airtime from mobile money wallet.
Second, it must be initiated strictly from the subscriber’s own wallet.
Third, reversals from mobile money agents airtime is not acceptable. This means that mobile money agents should not use their airtime to process reversals for customers and subscribers.
Fourth, transactions below GHC 10 cannot not be reversed. It is the minimum amount allowed for reversals.
Fifth, only full amounts are reversed. This means that you should not use up the airtime before requesting for a reversal.
Sixth, the sender of the airtime needs first to receive an approval to carry out the reversal procedure. Airtime reversals are valid only within 72 hours after the wrong transaction. Your chances thin out immediately after the wrong transaction.
Seventh, a confirmation note for the successful airtime reversal has to reach the sender after the reversal process is complete.
MTN mobile money services, transfers included has become the most convenient, safe and easily accessible way to bring smart mobile money services to user and subscribers.

MTN customers are able to access, transfer and receive money through the MTN mobile money merchants and agents any time of day. When all is said and done, MTN mobile money transfer gives you the confidence you need even when things go wrong.

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