COVID-19: Church of Pentecost offers ultra-modern Convention Centre as isolation centre

The Church of Pentecost has offered its ultra-modern Convention Centre (PCC) at Gomoa Fetteh as an isolation center for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in the country.

Chairman of the Church, Apostle Eric Nyamekye in an interview with Asempa FM on Thursday, April 23, 2020, said the move is to aid in Government’s fight against the Pandemic.

While listing the Church’s contribution to society in the COVID-19 pandemic, Apostle Nyamekye said the Church has donated some PPEs to the Government, to various hospitals as well as fed some vulnerable persons who were hard hit by the lockdown.

“The Church knows without Ghana we wouldn’t be so if there is an issue in the nation, you can’t say you will think about yourself so we took steps to ensure the nation will stand. We have done many things, we gave out 12 of our new cinema vans used for evangelism to the NCCE for education across the country. We have given them our drivers, we fuel them.”

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“We also bought PPEs and other relief items to the Ministry of health, we donated 100,000 to the COVID-19 fund and in our areas, we made sure every area does things to help their area. We have three hospitals and 5 clinics as a church and we supported them with PPEs. These are many of the things we’ve done. One of the biggest we have done is an isolation centre.”

“The government wants a place to isolate the COVID-19 Patients and they have called upon the Church of Pentecost Convention Center. If the Government makes this request of you, you can’t deny them so that is one big thing and it can accommodate over 1,000 people there and more than 300 medical personnel. So we are waiting for the Government to take charge and take care of the people, we know that when they come on our land, they will be healed. We have completed all arrangements and we signed an MOU to that effect,” he noted.

The Ultra-modern PCC, opened in October 2013, is the Church’s largest convention center situated at Millennium City, Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region. The Centre is built on a 250 acre squared area of land and is used by the church and other organizations for world-class conferences.


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