China Approves Two Coronavirus Vaccines For Human Trials

China has approved the trial of two Coronavirus vaccines on humans because the government aims to stop the occurrence of the disease within the country.

According to state-owned press agency Xinhua, the Chinese Government approved the 2 experimental vaccines created by a Beijing-based unit of Sinovac Biotech and by the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products that are affiliated to state-owned China National Pharmaceutical Group and needs to start out testing the vaccines on humans because it has successfully administered tests on animals.

"We can confirm now that three particular vaccines are being tested in China, and therefore the National Health Commission has said it'll need to clear a variety of conditions before they will enable the production of the vaccines globally," Hong Kong-based Sarah Clarke said to AlJazeera on Tuesday.

This isn't the primary time China is giving authorization for the assembly of experimental vaccines, as in March, Beijing gave the green light to a different clinical test for a coronavirus vaccine candidate developed by the military-backed Academy of Military Medical Sciences and biotech firm CanSino Bio.

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China's decision to offer authorization came shortly after US drug developer Moderna said it had begun human tests for his or her vaccine with the US National Institutes of Health.

John Nicholls, a clinical professor of Pathology at the University of Hong Kong, urged scientists and nations to perform on a vaccine to not rush its production due to global demand.

"Vaccines cannot be rushed"; Nicholls said to Al Jazeera.

"Normally with vaccines you begin off with small animals then move to primates then to the humans," "It seems that with this one they need to be gone straight to the humans, which may be a very bold decision.

"Most of the mortality during this disease is within the elderly, therefore the neatest thing would be to truly see what the anti-body response is within the elderly instead of the young,"


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